Go Floppy!!(But technically  Jiggly Puff!)
I do NOT approve of HATERS! So dont be one plz!

Welcome Everyone!!!!!!!!

Hi, I am (whatever you vote for, but for now it is Jiggly Puff), and i used to own a site called WWW.imaprincess.weebly.com that was overly popular and had over 160 viewers a day. I had to shut it down  because it was overly popular, so i made this site. I hope you enjoy

Sorry that i haven't been on lately... I have been SUPER busy. but hey! I am back on! *yay!* and btw, i am changing my nickname! Now it's... well its..... u choose! i will make a new poll for u viewers to vote. nothing mean will b put on it, so.... har har to the rude ones out there that wanted to pick something mean!!!!!! :p

Who likes pie? I like cheese pie! (cheesecake) and the color purple, and green, and blue, and orange, and i like roller coasters. Who doesn't? (besides people that get sick from them)